Ronald and Christy Cheeks founded More Than a Carpenter, Inc. in the summer of 2005. Since its beginning, the company has developed and maintained a well-known reputation for honest and reliable service to its customers in the western Maryland region. With his dedication, expertise and enthusiasm, Ron has steadily expanded the presence of More Than a Carpenter throughout the region, and we look ahead to more years of solid development and expansion. The company performs excellent workmanship every step of the way and promises to ensure that the services delivered are above satisfactory. The distinguishing factor that customers repeatedly highlight is our unyielding commitment to serve the customer and truly fulfill the home improvement needs of the customer. The job simply is not over in our minds until the customer can rest assured that the job has been completed well. Moreover, we continually strive to adapt our approach and capabilities in order to better serve the diverse and evolving needs of our customers. We are Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) licensed (#91297) and hold all the requisite insurances and licenses for operation in Maryland.

Mission Statement

More Than a Carpenter, Inc. seeks to accomplish the highest degree of quality in its craftsmanship and service to its customers. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the long-lasting satisfaction of our customers through the delivery of prompt and affordable service, skilled and professional technicians, outstanding communication with customers and a friendly, cooperative atmosphere in all facets of the company. Our hope is that the services we perform for our customers will enhance their lives.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence of work
  • Dependability
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Cordiality

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