Q. What type of work do you perform?
A. More Than a Carpenter, Inc. is a full service handyman and home improvement service. We are equipped and qualified to take care of your smallest handyman needs, such as hanging pictures, wall repair and fixture installations, in addition to the larger home improvements like bathroom and kitchen remodeling and basement completion.

Q. What is a handyman? How does the handyman process work?
A. A professional handyman is an individual who is skilled at a wide range of home improvement, maintenance and repair tasks. The handyman has knowledge about and experience with all facets of the residential home and its functioning. The value of a handyman service is its ability to handle all the home improvement needs of the customer. With one call, the handyman can take care of jobs that span from minor repairs to building a deck to organizing an untidy area. In addition, the handyman service saves the customer both time and money since it eliminates the process of searching for various service providers and paying each one individually. Certain instances, however, will require a specialist (i.e. electrician), and our company consults and engages those experts as needed.

Q. What is the process to getting work done?
A. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We will discuss your specific needs and determine the best way in which to serve you effectively and quickly. For smaller handyman needs, we contact you to send out a technician who will complete your projects. A particular job might, for example, require that we come prepared ahead of time with certain materials. Other jobs might necessitate a quick consultation or measuring ahead of time. For larger improvements, we will set up an appointment with you in order to look at and talk over the requirements and scope of work for the project.

Q. How do I get materials for the job?
A. There are several options. We can bring the needed materials ahead of time and charge you for them. In addition, our company vans are stocked with many common home improvement and construction materials and hardware. Another option is for you to purchase the materials either ahead of time or while the technician is beginning the work. Please note that while we will make our best attempt to inform you of the proper materials, we are not responsible for any mistakes in customer purchases of materials.

Q. Who will come to my house?
A. All our technicians wear company uniforms and can be identified by company vans which are clearly marked with our logo. All of the members of our technician team feature at least 15 years of experience in the home improvement and construction industries. They are highly qualified and skilled in a wide variety of repair and improvement tasks. In addition, they are honest, reliable, and courteous individuals. The technician will perform the work in a workmanlike, efficient, and quality manner. He will also keep you informed as the work progresses and answer any questions you may have. The technician has a wide range of tools and hardware available to him so any trips for materials are kept to a minimum.

Q. How do I pay?
A. Upon satisfactory completion of the work, we accept both cash and check. The technician will present you with an invoice.

Q. What are your prices? How do you charge?
A. Our handyman rate is competitively priced with local handyman companies whose services and qualifications are comparable with ours. When you contract us for a larger scaled job, we will provide you with an estimate of costs for the job, both labor and materials. We make our best effort to keep any deviations from that initial estimate to a minimum for you.  OSHA laws require us to send 2 technicians to do specific types of jobs, which mean a slightly higher hourly rate than work completed by a single technician.

Q. I just have a few small things I want to get done? Do you do odd jobs?
A. Yes, we do perform odd jobs. These jobs could range from the leaking faucet to minor landscaping to moving furniture to cleaning and organizing an area to building a shelf to assembling a product. Our company specializes and takes pride in handling these tasks for you. Our technicians bring years of experience and knowledge to the field of home improvement. Their skills are at your disposal.

Q. I want to have a large job done, like a basement completed? What is your process for these types of projects?
A. Once you make contact with us, we will schedule a convenient time to meet with you and discuss the project(s). Our representative will inform you about the manner in which we go about accomplishing the project. After taking measurements and notes, we will assemble an estimate for you. Please allow several days for an estimate. This is our best, educated calculation of the cost to satisfactorily, safely, and compliantly accomplish the project. At this point, we are more than willing to adjust the estimate according to any changes you wish to make in the scope of work or in materials choice. Once you decide to move forward, we will schedule you as soon as our work calendar allows. Most of the time, we can provide you with a rough time-frame for the duration of the project. As always, our team of professionals will treat you and your property with respect and care while performing the work.

Q. I would like to hear from some people who have used your services before. Where may I find them?
A. We are glad to furnish you with references. Please simply call or email us to obtain them, along with a brief description of the work you'd like completed.

Q. Are you a licensed and insured company?
A. Yes. It is illegal to operate in home improvement in Maryland without a Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) license. Our number is MHIC #91297. In addition, we are fully insured under both General Liability and Workman's Compensation policies. The bottom line here is that if anything happens on a job site, you, the customer, will not be liable.

Q. Do you guarantee or warrant your work?
A. Yes. We are confident in the services that we provide. The following is our company warranty:

More Than a Carpenter, Inc. Workmanship Warranty
More Than a Carpenter, Inc. will cover defects in its workmanship, free of charge, up to one (1) year for work performed under this agreement. This warranty goes into effect once payment by customer has been issued and received in full to More Than a Carpenter. This guarantee does not apply to material failure (see below paragraph), regular wear and tear or any supernatural occurrences (“Acts of God”). If any warranty repairs are made, these repairs do not extend the length of the warranty past the original one (1) year from when the original work was performed. This warranty issued by More Than a Carpenter does not apply to materials that are warranted by manufacturers or to materials that are supplied by the customer or any other third parties. This warranty is completely void if the customer or and third party modifies, in any way, the original workmanship of More Than a Carpenter.  More Than a Carpenter always delivers our combination of skill and effort to provide the customer with a satisfactory job upon completion. The customer bears the sole responsibility for any and all material choices concerning color, type, texture, and style.

Q. I don't know where to start with my home improvements. What are your suggestions?
A. With any home improvement/contractor company, you want to always ensure the following:

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