This project involved a mid-sized master bathroom with large bathtub, shower stall, toilet and a two sink vanity. We removed all the existing vinyl flooring and installed large (18 inch square) tile on the floor. The shower pan and walls were removed, the shower plumbing updated, a new shower pan laid and the walls tiled to the ceiling. The tile around the top of the bathtub was demoed, and we installed tile on the wall and down the front of the bathtub enclosure. This specific tiling around the tub involved some intricate angles and cuts. As a note, some pictures may show the tile before grout. In addition, we replaced the vanity, counter top and sinks. Finally, a modern shower door was installed to complete the remodel.

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re2_small.jpg re3_small.jpg re4_small.jpg re5_small.jpg
re6_small.jpg re7_small.jpg re8_small.jpg tile_small.jpg

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