Ronald Cheeks is a native of Frederick County, MD and has worked in the construction and home improvement industry for over 30 years. He is a talented and passionate carpenter as well as a skilled designer who has always sought the highest degree of quality in his work. Ron began his career with Master Carpentry and rose to the position of superintendent and worked on significant projects such as the restoration of the US Treasury building in Washington, D.C. Later in his career he worked as a building engineer at the Air Rights Center in Bethesda, MD for 8 years where he was a sub-contractor coordinator. He also has gained experience in handyman services where Ron recognized the need for a competent, affordable and cooperative home improvement business that would place the needs and concerns of the customers at the forefront of operation. At the helm of More Than a Carpenter, Ron has desired to and succeeded at creating a company culture that not only produces outstanding work but that also emphasizes the importance of delivering our work in a professional, courteous and genuinely helpful manner. His sound leadership, solid character and strong decision-making, along with his gregarious personality, have provided a firm foundation on which More Than a Carpenter has thrived.  Ron is happily married to Christy, and they have three sons.

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